Rajatpat with Ramesh Prasai

Rajatpat is a TV program show which is presented by Prakash Subedi on AP1 HD. The producer of this show is Purbha Sherpa and the editor of the show is Rabindra Khadka (Silver Shine Entertainment). The show is presented every Thursday at 8:00pm on only on AP1 HD.


The script writer/voice over of the show is Sachit Khadka. The reporting is done by Sujan Shreshtha. Cameraman of the show includes Nabaraj Adhikari, Surendra Maskey, and Santosh KC. The graphics is provided by Bibek Shrestha, Ramesh Thapa and Sushan Shahi. Similarly, the mastering is done by Indra Manandar. Shova Shreshta looks the makeup section. The management is looked by Paru Subedi. The online supporter of the show is Bishal Rai. The first season of Rajatpur was shown on Kantipur TV by Prakash Subedi. After the certain years of interval, the second season of the show came out in the market on the AP1 HD where the show is again hosted by Prakash Subedi.

This show tries to show the news of Nepali Film Industry. All the news presented in this show are related with Nepali actor and actress (Nepali Film industry artist). The show is not about other political and social issues of the country. The show is only about the Nepalese movies and the things that is happening inside the Nepali film industry. In this show different actor, actress, film producer, film directors and others many more artists are called and the interview is taken by the host of the show Prakash Subedi.

Till date, many well-known artists like- Harihar Adhikari, Priyanka Karki, Ayushman Deshraj, Pooja Sharma, Sushma Karki, Sweeta Khadka, Dayang Rai, KK Adhikari, and many more have been called on the show. Sometimes the questions are asked about their life, sometimes with their movies and music videos that the artist are playing. The economic wage they charge for one music video or with one film. What type of difficulties they are facing in the Nepali cine industry and how to overcome from it? The questions are also raised about their family life, their ongoing and upcoming project. All questions related with their love life, divorce and breakup are also raised here. In overall view the show only focused inside the Nepali cine industry and try to show the blueprint that is happening inside the Cine industry.

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