Rajendra Lingden shouted that he was a tiger, now no one is left. .

Rajendra Lingden, president of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, said it was a conspiracy to defeat his party, adding that he would never be afraid as he likes to fight the opposition like a tiger. He said that he does not like to talk big in front of his people and fights for the country and the people without fear. He said that when the party fails, Rajendra, not only the party fails but also the country fails. He has said that he will never lose his faith as he has garnered the support of people in the country and abroad.

With the election of a new leadership in the party, Lingden has become popular among the people, exposing the wrongdoings of the leaders who have been ruling for years. He said that corruption is like eating the blood of one’s mother. Lingden is adamant that the country needs to change its face after finding leaders who have been using Nepali politics as a means of earning a living.

Rajendra Lingden, president of the Rashtriya Prajanantra Party, visited various places at the door-to-door program to meet the people. He said that he has come from village to village to end the status quo in the country, without any acts of violence, to support the RPP, and to maintain the independence and unity in the country. Lingden said that the leaders and cadres need a share when opening a business in a village house, and the strategy is to close down the business by opening a private company, providing employment to two or four people, providing service facilities to the consumers and opening a union.

He said that there was a party in Rappaha who would not hand over the office to anyone more than once or twice. He is of the opinion that the tendency to beg should be stopped. Addressing the gathering, he said, “As a man who has risen from the ground, in order to build, protect and nurture this country today, it is necessary for the Nepali people to sever ties with the Nepali Congress, the Maoists and the UML and stand on the side of the people.” “As much as the leaders are to blame for ruining this country, so much so that we, the people, are to blame,” he said.

At a time when the leadership is changing in Nepali politics, he has been the party president for many years but the work is not very popular, the young generation should take the lead in the country and play an important role in the development and change of the country, said Rajendra Lingden Has gone Leaders and political parties have said that although they are different from the outside, when they look at it from the inside, they all eat together. Lingden said that they have been working against the will of the people, they have done this from outside, they have done that from the inside. He said that the Rastriya Prajatantra Party is getting its historic success after Mahadibesan and will move forward by respecting it.

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