Rajendra Lingden’s sarcasm on the oli’s question: All dreams were blown away by the storm

A team led by Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman Rajendra Lingden had visited various places since November to address the meeting program and corner meeting with the people in view of the upcoming local elections.  Bania constantly insisted that Nepali politics should be changed and a new consciousness should be instilled in the minds of the people.  Now that the election is approaching, he has to address the program.  He said Lingden addressed the program from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Linden said that after he became the president, he did not have enough time to spend even one day studying at home and watching television.  After the victory, Rajendra said that he has continuously taken the steps of struggle for the development of the country and for the public interest.  “Our goal is to change the way people walk, to change people’s perceptions of the leader and to play a key role in the country’s development,” Lingden said.  He said that he was going to different places due to the party’s program and the expenses of the party would be borne by his friends at home and abroad.

Maintaining good governance in the country, corruption free local level, fair service to the people, free education up to class 12, one technical level school at all local level, development in all village development, special scheme for people belonging to poor minority community, one student for medical science.  There are programs for scholarships, distribution of school girls’ sanitary pads, construction of school girls’ school environment, construction of girls’ toilets, daily campaign against wrongdoing in schools.

Free health insurance for every citizen, construction of free health post in every village, three months monthly allowance for women who have given birth in each ward, allowance for local women volunteers, allowance for cancer and kidney patients  RPP has given priority to one Oda, one Krishna producer, electricity in farmers’ fields, arrangement of agricultural crops, free insemination of cows and buffaloes, provision of maternity allowance in cows and buffaloes.  The RPP has been constantly raising the issue that monarchy, Hindu nation should be maintained in the country, and that the culture of the country should be established and revived.  RPP has been raising issues including building a new Nepal in our lifetime and constantly fighting for the rights and interests of the country and its citizens.

Giving priority to the traditional values, he said that RPP will continue to work for the betterment of the poor.  He said that RPP would play an important role in creating corruption by giving priority to the development of health, education, drinking water in the local bodies by giving priority to development.  The young children, senior citizens, minorities, farmers, laborers, the unhappy victims, the backward classes, the respect of the citizens of all the caste areas, and they have assessed the situation and said that they will act accordingly

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