Rajendra Mahat, Deputy Prime Minister

The Supreme Court is also in a dilemma over the issue against the dissolution of the parliament. But we have to move forward with paper decisions. But at times, decisions are made through the discretion of the judges. There is a question as to why the parliament established by the people was dissolved. Political analyst Lahanu Chaudhary says that there is no alternative to re-establishing the parliament at this time.

The whole country is in turmoil due to the Corona disaster. He said it was not appropriate for the government to dissolve parliament and go to the polls. On the one hand, due to Corona’s terror, the people are not able to come openly. On the other hand, the government itself does not have the environment to go before the people. Therefore, in such a situation, the restoration of the parliament would be appropriate, says Chaudhary

Everyone is confident that the court has been taking and will take decisions in a way that satisfies the people and does justice to the constitution. But with the decision to dissolve parliament, the government has already announced mid-term elections. Chaudhary said that there was not enough money in the state coffers for this election.

people are overwhelmed by the Corona disaster, there is no activity. If there is money in the pockets of the people, it will reach the pockets of the state. He argues that the state can move only if the people move. He says Prime Minister KP Oli has repeatedly needed to find out who is behind the dissolution of parliament. Chaudhary says that even after 2078/79, if these same people and characters come to power, they will not see any alternative to take to the streets carrying the burden of the people.

Oli has been repeating the same mistake over and over again. Oli has got a chance to hide his mistake while other parties are covering up his mistake. For this reason, Oli is abusing his power by locking people inside the house.
Rajendra Mahato, an Indian citizen who came after 2064, gets the post of Deputy Prime Minister. However, he said that the government has the character of reducing the number of incidents and imprisoning the sons of tribals who have been playing on Nepali soil since time immemorial.

The Tharus were secretly piled up in a corner by secretly handing over the land of Nepal to the monastery of India. The three Sher Bahadur Deuba and Prime Minister Oli, who have staged Tharuhat in the unbroken Far West, are depriving them of their rights. While promulgating the constitution in Nepal, the Pahadis and Tharus were happy. Because the Madhesis are not satisfied with this, the plains of Madhes automatically come to the Tharu part, according to federalism. That is why Madhesis have burnt the constitution, he said.

Rajendra Mahato, who got citizenship from Bihar in 2034 BS, has got the post of Deputy Prime Minister. But the citizens of this country have not even got their rights. Rajendra Mahato has saved his position by using Resham Chaudhary. All of these are involved in selfishness.

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