Rajendra Mahato from courier businessman to Deputy Prime Minister

The newly appointed ministers took oath of office and secrecy on Friday evening. President Vidyadevi Bhandari administered the oath of office and secrecy to the newly appointed minister. The cabinet, reorganized by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, has 17 members, including three deputy prime ministers. Prime Minister KP Oli has reshuffled his cabinet, including the Janata Samajwadi Dal (JSP) ‘s Mahanta Thakur faction.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Urban Development Rajendra Mahato has said that he has joined the party government as most of his demands have been met. He said that the party’s demands would be implemented as long as he was in the government.

“The issue of dissolution of parliament is at the top, the court is looking into it. We have joined the government for our demands. We have joined the government mainly for the demands of the people. Therefore, what the court decides is not our concern, we will work on the demand issue as long as we are in the government, ”said Mahato.

Mahato said that he would sit in the government and implement the party’s agenda and also prepare for the movement. “Rights, identity, good governance and prosperity are the party’s agenda to advance the party’s agenda, to prepare the national liberation movement for the establishment of a multi-national state. We have joined the government to advance the party’s agenda and address the demands of the past movement,” Mahato said.

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