Rajesh Hamal Dashain & remembering his mother Renu Hamal

Rajesh Hamal is the name of a great hero in the field of film. A few years ago, Dasai Tika has added to his house only a few days ago. People get to celebrate festivals according to their faith. People do different things according to their habits and behaviors. When people do good deeds, they are treated accordingly. From the point of view of human beings, everything is treated differently. People say what they know. Due to the death of his mother at the house of Hamal, who was given the title of a superhero by the audience, he started celebrating Dasai in a different way than others.

Born into a large Kil family, Hama was well educated. Rajesh Hamal, who was born in Palpa’s Tansen on June 10, 2021 BS, has spent a long time in the film industry. His entry warms the palace. He was also given the title of ‘Mahanayak’ in recognition of his contribution to the field of film. He has won many titles in his life. Larco is seen in the market.

Hamal’s mother and father have a good love affair. At the same time, Hamal’s parents had a love marriage. They were a successful couple. He completed his higher education in Chandigarh, India. Hamal has acted in more than 300 films in Jiban and also in many songs and music. He doesn’t want to say that he is old. He says that his work depends on his ability and thinking more than his age. The hero who has spent his life acting has won the hearts of the audience a lot.

He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following his father’s appointment as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States. He used to work as a shooter in Cipta. After his name was mentioned, the movie became a hit and he didn’t have time to rest. The superhero has 3 sisters and 1 brother. He says that he has done it. When he reached the age of marriage, he got married to Purbaki Madhu. He says that his life has gone according to his thoughts.

Hamal, who pays special attention to food and drink, says that he must sleep for 8 hours.

Hamal, who has been addicted to beer for 16 years, says that he used to have fun until he was 25 years old. He said that he would pay homage to his mother only on the first day and then on the second day. There are many kinds of pain. People are told to do the things that are more satisfying

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