Rajesh Hamal in mumbai, New Nepali song 2022

Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal is respected not only in Nepal but also in many countries of the world. The work, skill and charm of a person is respected by any country.  The name of the nation is being glorified. Hamal is now the pride of all Nepalis not only in Nepal but also in the world.  He said that great respect has been accorded to the Nepali artists not only in Nepal but also at the international and national level.

Hamal, who was honored at the airport in India, says that the honor he has received inspires him to work harder.  Hamal had gone to India. Nepali artists are no less than the artists of any other country, the demand for foreign films of Nepali artists in Git shows that.  He said that he had received a big summons when he arrived in India for the promotion of the song which was being printed.

Hamal, who started appearing in music videos as well as in Nepali movies, is now seen in Hindi music videos.  He said that he was very happy to show the scenes of Nepal to make Nepal proud and help to make Nepal more recognizable.  He has been promoting his travels, but because of Hamal’s eloquence and his work, Uma is respected by the countries of the world.

He said that he was very happy that the Nepali team and the Indian team had promoted the two countries together. Hamal, who arrived in Mumbai for the promotion of the song, said that working together would benefit both the countries.  He said that he would like to go to India for a different kind of power. He said that he likes India because of the people of different languages ​​and cultures in India.  After doing so, his demand is everywhere. If diligence is always shown in work, people are called by work.

The people of India were happy with the answer given by the great hero Rajesh Hamal in India. Everyone was happy and applauded for his answer. Rajesh Hamal was much talked about in India.  Hamal, who has shown his talent in the field of Nepali art, was equally honored when he was seen in an Indian music video. In India, people were even happier with his response.  He also said that there is a lot to learn from working with artists.

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