Rajesh Hamal sat in the line and cast his vote

As  government has already announced local level elections on April 12. Accordingly, the Election Commission has taken forward the work of printing ballot papers. No one has paid attention to the beautifying of Kathmandu, according to artist Rajesh Hamal. Actor Rajesh Hamal voted for deserving candidates in today’s election. He stood in line to vote for qualified candidates.

Rajesh sir was asked a question about joining politics by an interviewer. He responded, “I can’t predict the future, but we can’t say I won’t join.” Nobody can predict the future. If I join politics, the entire country will know, but we can’t foresee anything right now.

Actor Rajesh Hamal has said that the winning candidate should be warned after the voters cast their votes. Giving feedback after the voting, he said, “The work cannot be done only after voting. It is also the duty of the citizen to be vigilant in the work of the people’s representative.

He said that he has taken the issue of artists joining political parties as a matter of course. “Every citizen has the right to join a party of faith. I think it is natural for artists to come into politics, ‘he said.

Regarding the possibility of a role in the upcoming local elections, Hamal said, “I do not predict. But, it cannot be said that it will not happen. ‘


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