Rajesh Hamal was made to propagate the business of fake cement

In Nepal, people are cheating the general public. When people buy any product, they check the quality of the goods. Without checking the quality, they do not know what kind of goods they have used. There is a conspiracy to measure the quality of any goods in Nepal.  In life people do not know only by looking at the product they are using. Some things are measured and found only by looking at its quality in the laboratory.  Bringing the necessary equipment into use without testing is like pouring water on sand nowadays.

The main slogan of Maruti Cement made in Nepal is that we are making Nepal. But instead of making Nepal, it is hurting Nepal.  People are busy filling their pockets. People want the goods they use in their daily life to be good and strong. But Maruti Cement has started the business of cheating the consumers by producing inferior products.  But those thoughts are lost in a moment.

The quality of 43 grade cement produced by Maruti Cement was proved to be inferior on November 20. The cement was promoted by Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal.  “There is no guarantee that the materials used by the existing cement will be very cheap. People have amassed wealth through hard work in life. The wealth on which people have high hopes and trusts.  There is a desire. Fulfilling that desire is for all citizens.

Even though the sale and distribution of Maruti Cement has been banned from November 20, it has been found that the cement is being distributed in the market.  The company did not respond to a request for comment. A product company must have tested the lost product and taken it to market.

The government of Nepal has banned the sale and distribution of cement at the rate of Rs 780 per bag. Despite the government body’s demand to withdraw the cement from the market, the cement is being sold openly in the market.  In Nepal, such low quality goods are being sold and distributed in many places.

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