Rajesh, Karishma and Pal, Pooja dance on the same screen

Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar are the favorite couple of the older generation in the
field of Nepali cinema. The couple had acted in many films. The couple, who are said to be in
love at one time or another, are sometimes seen together.

Similarly, new generation artists Poojakh Sharma and Pal Shah have danced with Rajesh Na
Karishma. Even though he is over 5 decades old, Rajesh Hamal’s activism does not seem to have
diminished. After getting married, Rajesh Hamal has given very little time to the film.
As you grow older, the beauty of your charisma grows. Karisma, who passed class 8, has
contributed a lot to Nepali cinema. Although she flew to the US for a few years, she returned to
Nepal and appeared in Nepali films. Upon her return to Nepal, Karisma continued her studies.
Although she is busy with Plus Two studies by giving SLC, she continues to appear in movies
and music videos. The couple of Rajesh and Karisma is still liked by many. The audience is
eager to see these two artists on the same screen.

In this connection, in a music video, the pair of Pooja and Paul will soon be seen with the pair of
Rajesh Karishma. Today’s very busy model and hero Pal Shah and heroine Pooja Sharma are
very popular artists. It will probably be a pleasure for the audience to see these four artists
dancing on the same screen at the same

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