Rajesh Pal Rai says-TikTok viral attempt at new york concert event of New yer 2022

Famous singer Rajesh Payal Rai, who was performing in various places in the US on the occasion of English New Year, was attacked from behind while singing.  One of them attacked from behind. The spectators and the organizers then rescued him. While exchanging New Year greetings, the people who were having fun got into a commotion for a while. Shortly after that Rajesh Payal Rai made his remarks on the stage.  The message was given to the audience that it should have been done. Even though the action of these youths gave the message that many youths have done bad things, Rajas did not think so much.

At a concert in New York, USA, he was attacked while singing. While performing on stage on the first day of January, a spectator jerked from behind.  He told the spectators to take it. He said that he could swallow the volcano coming from the front, but he could easily accept the blow coming from the back.  Different people are reacting to an attack on an artist like this. Showing their art for a rast, attacking a working artist, his fans are giving different reactions.

Rai, who arrived in the US to celebrate the New Year, had been performing in various places.  Today, on New Year’s Day, we wish you all a happy New Year, peace of mind, peace of mind, and the love that we have for each other.  This is not the first time that an artist has been attacked on stage. Famous artists have been attacked in the past as well.

Anger is not just a matter of fighting with people, it is a matter of self-reflection. The person who has attacked me, after the person, remembers these things and feels as if he is killing his own soul.  “Stay true, truth is life, truth is faith, faith is what we have to win the world,” he said.  It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Famous artists have been attacked like this before. Some people, in order to get acquainted with them, are doing such negative things in association with famous people.  Rajesh Payal told the audience from the stage to take what happened to him as normal.  The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however. There have been mixed reactions on social media.

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