Rajesh Payal Rai arrived nepal, security surrounded at the airport Rajesh, warm welcome

Rajesh Payal, who returned to Nepal after celebrating his English New Year in the United States, was warmly welcomed at the airport. He was greeted at the airport by flowers. Payal Rai said that he was very happy to be honored by the mayor of America when he went to the international community. He said that it was the biggest moment of his life. Famous singer Rajesh Payal Rai, who arrived in the US to celebrate the New Year, has been honored by the US Mayor. Nepali Kala has been honored in the middle of a program. He was honored at a function in New York, USA.

Although he could not do anything in his own country, he said that he tried to introduce Nepali song and music internationally. He said that although he had always considered himself unlucky, he felt fortunate to have the protection of foreign countries in the United States. The assailant later apologized to him, saying that he was a big fan of Rajesh Payal and wanted to apologize to him by throwing food at him from behind.

He said that since Rajesh Payal was a fan of Rai from the bottom of his heart, he hugged him from behind. Rajesh Payal Rai also accepted the apology as it was his humane duty to apologize to people after realizing the mistake he had made. While performing on stage in front of an audience in New York, one of them attacked from behind. The audience and the organizers then rescued him. Rajesh Payal Rai had his say on the stage.

In Nepal, Rajesh was greeted with a bike and car rally to welcome him. He took all the people who came to greet him to his house to have a cup of tea. At the event, he was attacked while singing a song. Showing off his art for a rast, attacking a working artist, his fans reacted differently. Rai, who arrived in the US to celebrate the New Year, was performing at various venues. Rajesh does not know how to lose, nor does he know how to escape, so the hug from behind is good. Incidents are declining.

Many people arrived at the airport carrying the Nepali flag and flowers to pick up Rajesh Payal Rai. He said that the respect he got made him more responsible. Rajesh Payal Rai, who has already won the hearts of the Nepali audience, was attacked, but it is not clear why he was attacked. Even to get acquainted, celebrities are doing such negative things in association with famous people. Although Rajesh Payal Rai is a saintly person, there is no detailed information about why and for what he was attacked.

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