Rajesh Payal Rai says this about becoming a judge of Voice of Nepal.

On the occasion of Haritalika Tij for Hindu women, Rajesh Payal Rai has sung a special Tij song for the first time. Teej song in the voice of Rajesh and Samriddhi has been brought to the market. He said that Samriddhi’s habit of supporting new artists and supporting and encouraging artists is very good. She said that there is a bright future of prosperity coming from The Voice of Kids, and she has to work hard and work hard in her life to advance her work.

Rajesh Payal, who has gained fame and respect in the country and abroad, is continuously struggling in the field of Nepali art. The famous singer Rajesh Payal Rai, who has reached the peak of discussion from home to abroad, has informed the press conference that due to his visa, the program scheduled to be held abroad has been immediately postponed and the program will be held as soon as he gets his visa. Rai, who has been honored by the Mayor of America for his involvement in Nepali song music, has been reaching the top of the discussion with one project after another. He said that he will become a coach after meeting.

Rai has already worked in reality TV before, he has said that he will work when he gets time. Since he is marriageable and young, he said that he is preparing to get married now, he said that he will get married in his three places. He said that since he is a member of his family in the UK, the marriage will take place there as well, in the second village and in the third in Kathmandu. Kirat Rai has apologized to all the audience when the event scheduled to be held with band at Yampower Hall in Aldsart on July 24, organized by Yanfa UK, was postponed.

They said that they could not apply for a visa soon because they were in other countries for the program to be held in the UK, and some of them could not participate in the program because other artist museums could not process the visa. Although the tickets for the program are sold, the organizing team has said that the program will be held on time and will recognize the tickets that have been purchased. Rahesh Payal Rai said that he was very sad when he did not get a visa for the first time in the program of two countries, America and UK.

He said that sometimes the rules and regulations of the country are not as he thought, after everything becomes easy, he said that he will continue to fight in song music. Rai, who is constantly fighting in Nepali song music, to the emerging artists. He has brought Geet Sangeet to the market by supporting it. By supporting new artists, new talent should come to the market, their journeys are constantly struggling. Rai has said that he will have a lot of fun doing programs in the country and abroad.

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