Raju and Sila laughed at the sight of Cobra Shime, a maddening repetition.

Folk Dohri song , prepared by covering the distortions seen in the society in recent times, and including family stories, shows the situation that needs to be improved in the society. . Shmam Rana is the son of folk voice emperor Raju Periyar in this couplet. Sheela Ale, famous singer Indra JC, Kalika Roka, Balchandra Baral have formed a family and played relay doubles.

The artists who have made their own identity by entering the field of music, have narrated the real events that happened in the society. Artists who have been enjoying music for a long time have left a positive message in the society with their talent. The song that came to the market from Raju Periyar’s official YouTube channel has been liked by a lot of viewers in a short time. Shyam Rana’s acting and singing have made Raju Periyar and Sila Ale laugh out loud. Sila Ale Syame Ale’s mother became Ale, while his father became Indra JC.

Raju Periyar, who has been singing songs since his childhood, who is always in folk music, is the emperor of Nepali folk music, Raju Periyar, who is in the heart of Nepali people, has reached the top of the discussion. The singer is known as the King of Folk Doharika, who sings the sorrows of people’s hearts in words and rhythms. Pariyar, who has given song music his first priority for a long time in his life, is a famous celebrity. People are also obese.

Song music , which is the essence of people’s joys and sorrows, is now creating a good market commercially as well. Whether it is to relieve people of their sorrows or to rejoice in some kind of happiness, music has worked. People feel empty without music.
Pariyar, who has given voice to more than 10,000 songs in Nepali song music, is the first choice of the people who listen to the song and has established a unique position, his work is equally admired in the country. Pariyar says that 60 percent of the songs he sings are songs that match my life. Raju Periyar, a singer with a saintly personality who gets along with everyone, is known as an exemplary person.

Born in Syangja Chapakot, the Siamese are friendly and cheerful people, they are seen entertaining people by embracing the songs. The new talents coming to the Nepali market are also working to preserve the culture. In the current environment, there are many people who are involved in blackness in Nepal. It is considered to be a great thing to be able to entertain the audience by taking the talent within. Kalakars are bringing various kinds of gifts in the society. Rana Magars also say that they have a feeling that they have to make their own mark by taking a different path. Syam, who saw the car after studying eighth grade, says that he is constantly engaged in his work.

Syam says that his life has been going on as it should be in a different way. Kalakar has such power that it wakes up even the sleeping people in the society. Kalakar used to mold the real events and imagined events in the society and bring them to the market in different ways, which also gave a positive message to the society. The voice given by the famous singer Syam has been in the limelight since before. Being a symbol of Kalakar Rastra, he has been bringing out different kinds of songs that expose the society.

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