Raju Lama sets world record for singing on Mount Everest

Popular singer Raju Lama has set a precedent by giving a concert on a 6574 meter high mountain to convey the message about climate change.  After reaching Camp 3 of Everest, Lama sang popular songs of Mongolian hard band.  The program was organized to show the activities like climate change, snow melting, floods and landslides.  Reaching Cap 3 with a guitar, Raju Lama has broken the record of Asia. He sang a song that was not public.  He said that he is planning to climb Mt. Everest.

Popular singer Raju Lama, who is a connoisseur of Nepali song and music, and heroine Diya Pun were going to climb Mt. Everest again.  Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Bahadur Ale met him while he was preparing to climb the world’s highest peak, Everest, and wished him success by hoisting the Nepali flag.

After Culture and Tourism Minister Prem Bahadur Ale congratulated Raju Lama and Diya Pun for climbing Mt.  Two people who have been involved in art for a long time now seem to be taking the lead in putting their passion into other work as well.

Minister Ale said that he would always support the artists who are about to climb Mt. Everest. He wished Raju Lama and Diya Pun a successful journey.  He said that he used to use his ability, but since he has a great desire to climb Mt. Everest, he said that he used his ability in that. As the climate continues to deteriorate, today’s structures will begin to deteriorate, floods and landslides will be different from today to tomorrow due to various reasons.

According to Diya, all Nepalis active in tourism in Nepal should be from their own region. Raju Lama, who is also the coach of The Voice of Nepal and The Voice of Kids, said that he is thinking of doing something different for the sake of this earth while continuing his black field.  As Nepal is thinking of doing something for Nepalis, she has said that she is preparing to leave the movie she is going to play and climb the mountain.

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