Raju Pariyar and Sobha Tripathi’s vocals

Couples who are in love are shown to be eager to meet each other on the occasion of Tihar. On the occasion of Haritalika Teej, the artistes are presenting new new Teej in Koseli market. Raju Periyar has performed a routine in the song “Badlu Laer” in the voice and performance of famous folk double singer, Swar Samrat Raju Periyar and Sobha Tripathi. He said that as the great festivals of Nepalese women are approaching, there is a continuous effort to preserve the original culture.

Raju Periyar has danced in the special song Haritalika Tij, the great festival of women. He said that Tijej brought special koseli to the market, expressing the story of family and home, pain and happiness. He said that since we are Nepali women, people with multi-cultural and multi-cultural culture, we are bringing songs to the market covering all areas. He said that since there have been distortions in Nepali music in recent times, self-creators and artists should also be aware, and a censor board should be established.

Pariyar said that since he was born in Phulwari in beautiful Nepal, he will live in Nepal, and because everyone needs cotton, he is going to build a house in Pokhara. A woman wants her husband to be handsome, handsome, and understand himself, to look good from all places, to fulfill his desires, he fasts on Tij, after fasting, he worships Lord Shiva in the temple and then eats. Better than fasting, all Hindus eat good food by cooking good food. After eating, they fast without even drinking water.

On the occasion of Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Nepali women, the artists are busy in producing special songs of Tij. Combining women’s pain, happiness and joy, Maiti and Poili connect both houses and bring songs to the music market. As artists are the jewels of the nation, they entertain the audience through their art and also give a positive message to the society, which is working to make people aware and positive.

When the month of July begins, Hindu Nepalese women fast and wear green bangles, so that they show their love and respect for their husbands. Women are taken as a pillar of society and a woman who lights up the house, who prays that her home, family, husband, and society will always be good.

When Haritalika Tej is approaching, the joy and enthusiasm of the women increases. Women who observe fast without eating food, water or fruits are always engaged in the work of reminding the good of their family and husband. Unmarried women are fasting to wish their husbands well, while married women are wishing for the long life of their husbands and their bright future. The artists have described the pain and happiness of their sister’s life in their special songs.

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