Raju Pariyar cried loudly after meeting Ram who had the right voice in the conversation.

Raju Pariyar, who has been interested in folk music since childhood, is the emperor of vocal music. He is probably the only one who gives voice to most of the songs in Nepal. People who listen to folk music have not left Raju Pariyar. Betha is known as a folk singer who sings in words and rhythms. Her songs have a special charm. Pariyar is a famous person who gives priority to song music for a long time. She has contributed a lot in raising Nepali song music. Respect is being done by the Nepali music industry and the common people. Most of the best singers are very sociable and calm.

The sweet melodies of music are working as a medicine to make people forget their sorrows and add more happiness to their happiness. Music has become a good market for people who are the charioteers of human happiness and sorrow. Music has worked to make people spend their sorrows or rejoice in any kind of happiness. People feel impatient without music.
Raju Pariyar is a singer who has given voice to more than 10,000 songs in Nepali song music. There are songs that match. There is also a song in his speech. Raju Pariyar, a singer with a calm and sociable nature, who lives together, is known as an example of a person. The habit is commendable.

He has been honored with the award organized by Gandaki Pradesh. The Gandaki award has given him the title of Lok Swar Samrat. Even though he has been honored with such a great award, the general audience thinks that he has fallen in love with the audience. To be

Hari Debi Koirala has also been honored from the Life Time Issue in Arwad given by Gandaki Pradesh. She has also made a great contribution in the field of folk music. He said that he is remembering his elder artists Purutvam Neupane, late Jhalakman Ganderbha, Dharmaraj Thapa and Narayan Rayamajhi when he got the title of The artists who live together are constantly in their field of singing.

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