Raju who progressed at a young age, how he became the owner of millions in a short time.

Hard work brings people to the pinnacle of success one day, the struggle that started at a young age by collecting rent in other’s hotels, now Raju Ghising has now become the owner of 2 restaurants. He has shown that a person can be successful if he gives consistency from the heart to make any work successful. Raju said that in the small shop that he started alone, now he has employed 6 people.

People go to other countries to get a job in Nepal, and are busy making others rich. Raju Ghising came to Kathmandu from the village at a young age, thinking that he should do something in Nepal instead of spending 6-7 lakhs and going abroad. After working for some time from being a cleaner to a cook in another hotel, he decided to do something of his own and opened a hotel in collaboration with a friend. At the age of 14, after opening a restaurant in Naya Baneshwar Panch Kumari Marg, Ghusing said that after it went viral, the audience also liked it.

He said that his habit of fighting since childhood has now led him to open two restaurants. He said that if people start fighting, then money is flying in the air in Nepal and he will have to stop it. He said that now that he has been running the restaurant for 4 years, he has given employment to 6 people by running two restaurants. He has said that he started restaurant business from 140,000 and now he has been able to build restaurants up to 2.5 million. Ooni, who has made many efforts in her life to advance her journey, now says that she earns more in her country than abroad. He said that instead of working hard abroad, after seeing many opportunities in Nepal, he decided to do something in his own country and decided to stay in Nepal.

She has proved that people can earn a lot of money wherever they have an idea to earn money. He started looking for a hotel for hotel business. After some time his business flourished, people have to struggle with hard work and dedication to do any work professionally, which brings people to a good place. She has proved that people do not fail in anything they do with hard work. Hard work and struggle bring him to the pinnacle of success, man’s life has become very challenging, which makes him move forward.

She also pays the rent herself and says that she feels that she has earned a lot when the people who dine at the hotel leave happy. He is of the opinion that money is flying in Nepal and you only need to know how to catch it. She says that her business is flourishing now that she serves food according to the customer’s wishes with strict cleanliness. They have progressed their journey by struggling with various joys and sorrows in life, people have progressed by struggling with various joys and sorrows. He says that there are many opportunities to earn money in Nepal and not abroad.

He said that people should work hard according to their needs. He has told that if you start with small work and start with new zeal, you can make a lot of progress in a short time. Ghising, who started the struggle by asking for rent in the hotel, became the cook head of the same hotel in a short time and now he has become the chef of two restaurants. If a person works hard with discipline, he will learn a lot in a short time. In order to become and do something in life, first of all, a person has to be active himself, so that he can achieve a lot of success in life.

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