Ram Kumari Jhakri mock about Kp Oli – Yakshya Prashna

Yakshya Prashana of todays episode presents one of the dynamic politician of CPN UML Ram Kumari Jhakri who recently went with Madhab kumar Nepal newly formed party and she talks about the current political situation of Nepal.

Yaksha prashna is a television show presented in the Himalayan Television by Rajendra Baniya. The program is presented by Himal Steel (title sponsor) and powered by Prabhu Bank. The program is hosted by the famous journalist Rajendra Baniya. It is presented every Sunday and every Friday at 9:00pm on Himalayan Television HD. In this program the questions are raised under the various domains which includes the country’s political issues, social issues, economical aspects, culture and traditions. The questions are raised which is under the limelight of citizens, the disputes, the truth and the hidden fact inside it.

In his program sometimes the questions are raised behind the political aspect of the country, what type of administrative is running on, what type of fruits are gaining by the Nepalese from the Governmental side. He calls the reputed and known political leaders of the country and discuss on the current affairs of the countries.

The way of presenting himself in a program is spectacular. Before taking any interview in the program, he first deeply studies in that respective subject, collects the facts that is hidden and then only take an interview with the related face of the particular topic. This show the difference of educated and uneducated ones. Because there are many journalists in Nepal, who take interview without knowing the particular subject and without collecting the facts behind the particular domain.

Besides that he also touch the economical aspect of the country, how the country can grow through an economical perspective, the agricultural aspect of the country, educational sector of the country, health sector, transportation sector, tourism sector, telecommunication and technology, electricity, the cultural and traditional aspect of the country, the socio economical issues, the socio cultural issues and many more.

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