Ram Kumari Jhakri sworn by president who was against president

Nepali politics is a kind of melancholy and anger among the people. It has become a hereditary quality of Nepali leaders to succeed in politics by going against the interest of the people.  When they cross a threshold in politics, then their people begin to forget and nationalism begins. Nepal’s laws begin to be above the law and against the people. The people get nothing but misery and contempt.  In Nepal’s politics, leaders and activists are in turmoil without getting a seat.

The alliance was formed to fight for the rights and interests of the people and the country. It went well in Nepal for 2-3 years.  Due to the lack of seats among the cadres, they started splitting themselves by showing various excuses.  People also started suffering because of the chair.

KP Oli’s government collapsed after a vote of no confidence due to differences within the party.  The cabinet could not escape criticism as the people were disqualified and the ministers were not appointed. The Javas in the people’s government did not mean anything but if it was developed as the people said, it would only be a means of trusting each other.

The role of Ram Kumari Jhari, who was given the post of Urban Development Minister by the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Socialist Party (CPN-UML), was widely discussed.  Jhakri, who has been active in politics since her student days, is a revolutionary by nature.
Many ordinary people have questioned how the new Ser Bahadur Deuba, who criticized the President when the government was dissolved, took the oath of office of the Urban Development Minister from the same President.  This is not a new scene. No leader in Nepali politics has so far succeeded in working selflessly on behalf of the people.  People have suffered because of this.

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