Ramailo With Utsav Harihar Adhikari & Neeta Dhungana

Famous actress Nisa Dhungana is continuously seen in her work field and in the media after her marriage. Nita said that since people have to manage different types of living arrangements after marriage, they have different interests in each thing. He said that Harihar missed to invite his close people in his marriage. He said that even though they were engaged in their own work during the marriage, they felt that this happened after the marriage.

He said that after marriage, people have to abide by certain rules and laws of the family, but they have to live their lives in a different way. When Nita woke up in the morning, she used to touch her mother’s feet and when she saw her respect towards herself, she felt like a mother who gave birth to her, so she had tears in her eyes. There are different types of people in the society, who even now only find that their mother-in-law has hurt them.

On the occasion of Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Hindus, the artists show the pain and love of women and put their talents in the market. Nita Dhungana has shot her first music video for Teej Geet after marriage. She said that women used to wear vermilion necklaces and bangles for their husbands, which made the love between the two people grow. Nita said that she has to learn how to do anything in life.

A daughter has said that it is in her hands to decide what kind of love she will get from her parents and mother-in-law. Nita said that even though they had married according to their wishes, outsiders reacted differently. She said that even after marriage, she is enjoying herself and moving her life forward. Since it is the first Teej after marriage, this Teej is special to her, she said that she got a special kind of courage and inspiration.

The marriage party of Nita and Harihar was held in the hotel according to the Nepali Hindu tradition, and the second day was also held in the hotel. Songs, music videos, people from the communication field, people from the film industry were present to congratulate Nita and Harihar in the party. Mayor Balen Shah, who is much talked about, also arrived. When going to the hotel where Balen Sah was married, he lost his way two or three times to reach his destination. Among all the celebrities, Harihar and Nita had fun.

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