Ramesh Prasai spoke to the media saying Rabbi is god

In today’s Nepal, the media is present in all spheres. Some have gone ahead to raise the problems of the people, some have gone ahead by making their profession and business.  Galaxy 4k television has added a new history to the world of communication.  The role is played by highlighting the problems of the common people and finding a solution to their problems.

Ramesh Prasai is a born blind person. He can never be called a blind person. He is considered a hero of the Nepali people who teaches a successful person in the world to build a way of life.  Even the tallest people speak with a strong heart. Fearlessness is so strong in him that there are few people who do not bow before him. His words are such as to shake the negative.  .

Ramesh Prasai and Rabbi Lamechhane, a popular television presenter, met during the construction of Rajkot Hospital.  Later, Ramesh will run a program in the newly opened program. The program he will run will be very powerful. It will play an important role in the transformation of the society.  His goal is to bring about real change.

While fulfilling Rabbi Lamechhane’s commitment with Ramesh Prasai, Ramesh Prasai happily congratulated and thanked the entire team. He praised Lamechhane and claimed that he is a real hero who fulfills his promise.  However, the number of people who like Lamichhane is not small as he only talks about completing whatever he can do and as much as he can. Because of his work, not only Nepali citizens living abroad but also foreigners are found to be his fans.

Rabbi Lamichhane has made it clear that work makes people supreme. Rabbi is a great personality who not only raises the problems of the common man but also seeks solutions. He is praised for everything he does. He does not bow down to anyone.  Ramesh Prasai is a strong Yoda who has purity in his speech. His speech brings vigor to the body of the entire Yuba Berg.  He claims that not only questions but also answers and solutions will be sought in his red seal program.

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