Ramesh Prasai wife becomes mother of child

Ramesh Prasai wife is going to be the mother of the child. Ramesh Prasai is one of the most popular characters on social media.

His ideas are rarely seen in Nepal. He is always a good thinker and works to win the hearts of everyone. Ramesh popularity has sky-rocketed after his rehearsal in Indreni. He not only spoke but also sang very well. Indreni introduced him to everyone. .Singer Anju Pant and her husband Thir Koirala have reached Nanda’s ashram and congratulated her.

Anju Pant, who also arrived with some school bags and financial money, handed over the aid to the place.Wife of ramesh prasai said, “I am becoming the mother of a child who has to move according to the time. Sooner or later, everyone would know.”

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