Ramesh Prasain’s wife in the media, lot of crying, no money for treatment.

Nanda Singh, who is providing shelter to the elderly, children, helpless, disabled and defenseless people, is suffering from an incurable disease. He said that his grandmother, who supports him in times of pain and feeds him from time to time, had cancer in her uterus 6 years ago, sold her real estate and got treatment, and now that she has problems in the valley again, she has no money to get treatment.

Nanda said that even though she was fine to eat people living in the village, now that the third type of cancer was found in her ear and throat, after the doctor said that she would get better after treatment, Nanda said that she had to come to Medea for her mother’s treatment. She said that at the age of 66 years, she was suffering from many diseases and the condition of her house was very bad, so she could not get treatment. He said that since he was very young, his mother had taken care of him and loved him a lot when everyone hated him, so he was very worried when his mother fell ill.

Kamal Sargama, the host of laligurash daily, spoke to Nanda Singh, who has come to feel the world even though she has no eyes to see, on the day of Mata Tirtha Ausi, not only the child she gave birth to, but also the mother of other helpless children. Although Nanda could not contact her mother who gave birth to her because the network does not work in the village, she said that she remembers her mother-in-law. She said that she was very happy when the children in the Inner Vision organization she was running remembered her. Nanda has said that even though she had one mother who gave birth to her, there are many mothers who follow the rituals, education, support and nurturing.

Singh said that since all her children are excellent in studies, she is very happy and wants to build a bright future for them by building a good house. Nanda Singh, who has been living with the help of others, has now said that she is running the organization by keeping the Sikri given by her husband as a hostage to take care of the destitute children. She said that even though she told her mother-in-law, even her husband did not know about this, she said that her husband understood and that he had worked and lived his life.

In Nepali society, he is a singer, singer, television program presenter, teaching many people to sing, highly preferred in the field of social service, he is not only a musician, but he has also played an important role in the happiness and sorrow of the people. Ramesh and Nanda are a couple who thought that their art should not only be the voice of social change, but the audience should also be their charioteer in times of joy and sorrow.

Ramesh and Nanda, who are known as singers, program presenters, social workers, even on their birthdays, say that they would be happy to go among the sad, afflicted, helpless people and share their thoughts with them. In order to make his birthday special, he used to celebrate his birthday by going to ashrams in different places and helping them. Ramesh Prasai, an eloquent speaker, television presenter, singer with amazing abilities, and his wife, who is currently running an ashram, is living in Nepal as a support to many elderly people. Paul Sah has spent his birthday happily with the whole team together with the couple, Ramesh Prasain and Nanda daughter, who have been doing positive work in a society.

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