Ramesh’s question to Ramesh Kharel: What will Kathmandu get if you win?

In the program Lalmohar broadcasted by galaxy 4k television, the program presenter Ramesh Prasain had a special debate with the former DIG of Nepal Police, Ramesh Kharel, who has been constantly campaigning to change society and wrong culture.  People from all areas are actively preparing for the November 4 representative and provincial assembly elections.

Facing challenges and opportunities one after another, Ramesh Kharel, who lost in the election, has created a clean image for himself in the Nepal Police.  Ramesh Kharel, who has become a candidate from Kathmandu Region No. 1, where there are 9 political parties and 9 independent candidates, seems to be very interesting. As the leaders of the political parties are brokers, activists have become the masters of crime, says Ramesh Kharel, who wants to change the bad policies of Nepal.
After Dig Ramesh Kharel, who is known as the terror of wrongdoers in the Nepal Police, took leave from the service, the question arose in the minds of the common citizens what will they do next?  After leaving their job at Nepal Police, Kharel started a campaign to put an end to corruption, immorality, and corruption in politics and registered the Nepal Susasan Party with the Election Commission.  During his time in the Nepal Police, many people have asked him about how he will make his image when he joins politics, he has created a clean image and does not spare those who do wrong.
Kharel says that he entered politics to improve the shortcomings he saw while serving in the Nepal Police. Until the country’s politics is reformed, the development of the country cannot be imagined, so he said that he took this journey to change politics.  Kharel has said that he will fight the election without spending money on the election.  He has said that he will fight the elections by following the rules and regulations, because the Nepali people have understood what power is, and they will leave by showing that it is possible to fight the elections even without money.

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