Ramkumari Jhakri Tiktok Live

It has been a long time since CPN-Socialist leader and former minister Ram Kumari Jhankri started ticking. But in the last few days, he has come live and it seems that he has started living. After becoming a minister, she gave a little less time to live. As soon as she lost her post as a minister, she came live and started saying tap, thank you so much. The video is going viral.

In her recently released video, she is seen asking for a gift. Her friends, who came live, told her friends not to say such things before returning to UML.

Stating that she is still a socialist, she says that she gave him a gift every day. Thank you. When a person on live asked what was the news of Makune’s uncle, she requested not to write such thing on live. While thanking everyone, she also reminded that there was a trend of saying ‘thank you nani babu’ at some point.

After more than 700 people came to her live, she says how many are now 700? Saying that you want to say a little message if you increase it a little by 800, she informs that she came to Tiktak live only after eight and a half months and nine months.

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