Raute News, three people including the operator were arrested

Police have arrested three people on charges of abusing a young woman from the Raute community. Three persons, including a hotel operator, have been arrested from Mehalkuna in Gurbhakot Municipality. Police arrested the Raute girl after a video of a local youth taking her to a hotel and treating her badly became public on social media.


The arrested have been identified as Doman Bahadur Gharti, 35, Bhupendra Budha, 24, and hotel operator Binod Pun, 29, of Gurbhakot. The Raute girl has become insecure after she started filming on a ticket to the Raute community. The social network YouTube, Tiktok and Facebook have gone viral on the young women of the Raute community. Raute is a young woman who reaches out to the Raute community to take videos and photos.

Locals have demanded immediate investigation and action after such video of Raute girls became public on social media. Police said that further investigation is underway into the incident. Earlier, people of Raute community living in the welfare of Lekbensi Municipality have moved to the banks of Bheri River at Gurbhakot-11.

Similarly, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to take immediate action against the perpetrators of the incident while protecting the two women. The Karnali State Branch Office of the Commission had monitored the incident after it became public that a young man from Gurbhakot Municipality-9 of Surkhet had lured a young woman from the local Raute community.

A press release issued by the spokesperson of the commission, Dr. Tikaram Pokhrel, today called for immediate examination of their health and protection of their right to life through physical security and to bring the culprits to book through effective investigation.

Three local youths lured two young women from the Raute community to a local hotel and forced them to do bad deeds. According to the commission, the Raute chief had earlier detained the two girls for four months in a similar manner.

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