Raut’s Artiko “Highway” closed in Madesh today.

The Sike Raut-affiliated Janmat Party has staged agitation in various districts of the country, blocking highways, saying the demands of farmers have not been addressed. He had been agitating for some time saying that he had not addressed the serious demands of the farmers. According to the Janmat Party secretariat, the agitation will continue till the demands of the farmers are addressed. Although the movement has affected the lives of the people of the country, they have said that they will close the highway until the government addresses their demands.

Janmat Party cadres, who have been protesting by burning tires in Saptari since this morning, have blocked all long distance traffic except some locals. Public opinion activists have blocked traffic in Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusa, Mahottari and other places under the highway. Public opinion activists have warned to vandalize and set fire to the vehicles plying on the previously announced highway.

A large number of security personnel have been mobilized to clear the highway. The government has not addressed the legitimate demands of the farmers. Although the Janmat Party has been agitating for the rights of the farmers for almost a month now, the government has ignored the demands of the farmers.

On Wednesday, the Janmat Party had staged masala processions in different districts of the country. On Tuesday, Janmat Party cadres also staged buffalo rallies at various places. The Janmat Party cadres, who carried out their agitation on January 22 with empty sacks, have been agitating one after another, urging the government to address their demands. The Baltin procession was held on January 26, the Nanglo procession on January 26, and the Taraju procession on January 25.

They had also staged a demonstration in front of the state government on January 25. The activists of Janmat Party, who have been carrying arms of the farmers and struggling in the streets, have said that they will continue to fight till the demands of the farmers are met. They have been agitating for more than a month for 11-point demands including provision of irrigation to the farmers, free electricity, timely fertilizer, timely payment of pension to the farmers. Collecting of the highway in the beginning of the movement, the police was using force. At the same time, the cadres set fire to four trucks and vandalized hundreds of vehicles.

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