Ravi Lamichhane response: I am a citizen, but I respect the court’s decision!

Ravi Lamichhane has said that he will welcome the decision of the Supreme Court. But he said that he did not have the answer to any other question.

Lamichhane was in the Ministry of Home Affairs when the Supreme Court pronounced the decision that the post of MP was revoked. While leaving the ministry, he said, “I welcome and accept the court’s decision.”

When asked what he will do now, he said, “I am uncivilized.” I don’t have an answer to any question.’

Question: What is your reaction to the Supreme Court decision?

Ravi: You are asking a question to a non-citizen. Where are you asking the citizen? I do not know where I am a citizen and who asked the question.

Question: Before this, he was the home minister

Ravi: Right now I am a civil servant, what questions do you ask a civil servant?

Question: What do you do now?

Ravi: I don’t know. I don’t understand what an uncivilized person does.

Question: How have you taken the decision of the Supreme Court?

Ravi: I welcome, I accept. Is there any body higher than the Supreme Court? I very much welcome the decision of the court, but on other questions, what would a non-citizen answer?

Question: President of the National Independent Party…

Ravi: I am not the president sir. I am nothing, nobody.

Question: Will you go through the process of regaining citizenship?

Ravi: I have no answer to all these questions. Who did you ask the question? Asking a question requires an introduction. What question do you ask a non-citizen who has no identity at this time?

Question: Are you the person loved by the people?

Ravi: I didn’t know that either.

Question: Who is the chairman of RSWP now?

Ravi: I don’t know.

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