Reaching the polling station, the roar of Sirjana Singh: Rest assured, the victory is mine, I have yet to count my votes.

Balen Sah’s lead was maintained in the midst of the counting of votes after the local elections, while Balen’s praise was widespread.  .  While electing the people’s representatives for five years for the transformation of the society, for the protection of the local citizens and the development of the country, the whole country is found to be enthusiastic.

Sirjana Singh, who was nominated by the Nepali Congress, was constantly on the move to win the election.  Reaching the National Assembly during the vote count, she said she did not expect this to happen, adding that she was confident she would win because her vote was yet to be counted.  It is found that it is constantly felt.  Balen Sah, an independent candidate in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, is in the lead, followed by UML candidate Kesab Sthapit and Congress candidate Sirjana Singh, which has dealt a major blow to Nepali politics.

With the local elections approaching on April 12, the parties are releasing their manifestos and bringing out each other’s work, Pradhan said, adding that all the work they have done in Nepali politics is good.  There is a tendency to think that the work done by others is bad.  In the local level elections, there are other independent candidates besides the coalition, many people are of the opinion that the candidates from the coalition have risen to ruin the country, and other independent candidates have risen to make the country.

Although Kesab has been installed as the mayor of Kathmandu sub-metropolitan city, he was accused of being the mayor during the election.  The UML has said that since the allies only know how to spoil the country, we have to move forward to improve it.  The people in our party, even if they get to comment on what others have done, look at them, say that there is no discrimination in the services they get, that what the Congress says is a success, not just for the development of the country.  “We have to work hard for development,” he said.

He said that he has been in the UML for some time now, but now he is on his way.  “Every time there is an election, there is talk of Mi Tu,” he said.  “People from all parties have come out in the election. Apart from these, other parties have also come out in the election,” he said.

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