Rebirth of soldiers killed in World War II

We can hear the news about the rebirth of a child in this world. But sometimes it becomes difficult to accept the fact that a person can take rebirth in this universe.

Today we can learn some facts about a boy who claims himself as a rebirth child.Here we know about the reincarnation of a pilot who died in world war II.

There is a small boy named James. He always utters the words like- “ aeroplane, the fire in the aeroplane” etc. while he is sleeping. His father Bruce Leinnger and mother were in confusion because of the behaviour of this child. 

One day, his parents took him to the stadium where the parts left during the second world war were kept. There were guns, pistols, airplanes and many more. When a child saw that stadium, he said that he is already familiar with these objects and knows many more about it. His parents were shocked by his such behaviour.

His parents took him to the doctor and asked the reason behind it but doctors too were in a dilemma about this matter. They said that usually children start to see such dreams after the age of 4. But the case with James was different. He started to have such dreams during his little age. Doctors asked his parents to have patience and treat him in a good way so that he can open up with them and tell all the facts.

One day James was taken to the airport and at that airport James told many more things about the aeroplane that even the parents are unaware of. His father Brucle asked his son about all the incidents that he had occured in his past life. And a child James also started to tell all the incidents, who attacked him, how he was attacked and how he was killed. He also took the name of many pilots and other soldiers who were killed during the second world war II. 

After listening to all the facts, his father Brucle tries to investigate the real truth behind this story. Because he was eager to know about the real truth. So he tried to meet with different people that his son told him about. After then he came to know that all the things and incidents that his son told to him were real.James listened somewhere that people who died in a very painful way rebirth in this universe. He came in shock because of his own child behaviour and believed that rebirth of human beings is true.

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