Recently, thousands of youths of Congress and UML supported Gyanendra Sahi.

The current situation in Nepal has been aggravated by the political turmoil. Many rights activists, social activists and leaders have also spoken about the negative aspects of the society.  Young people who were born in the Bigat region and came to Kathmandu for their struggle and education. Now they are raising their voices for social change. They have gone to both Nepal and India to share their work experience.  He has also spoken about the need to do something. He has been beaten many times because of his honest speech.

Gyanendra Shahi is a fearless social leader born in Jumla district of Nepal. He has won the hearts of many ordinary people in his country and abroad.  Speaking at a program, KP Oli did not speak in front of Fatima Sunar. Even the president of the same party, Prachanda, who has applied to the US for the MCC, said that he would not accept the MCC.

Sahi said that Jhapa is the starting point of the revolution. From Jhapa begins the struggle to end the wrong trend. The journey started from Jhapa and reached western Nepal via Kathmandu.  No Buda leader has agreed to read any of the Buda. Look carefully at any Buda. They are against Nepal and Nepaliness. Where are the heroic Gorkhalis of our country now. There is a need for Khukuri in the country.  He said that those who are receiving salary and allowances from the tax money of the Nepali people are urged to work for the people and not for the leader.

Leaders and activists of the party like Madhan Bhandari, BP Koirala and Manmohan Adhikari have won the election by waving the RJ flag and swearing at the people.  His character was in pain. If poor BP was alive, he would have died again after seeing his party leaders and cadres.  He says that the country can eat in the name of others.

Gyanendra Sahi says, not by taking the name of a patriot who contributes for the party and the country, but by winning the election with our friend by carrying the election symbol flag he has made. Then we say we have done something for the country.  Leave it. The leader should end the tendency of imposing big laws on the people even for small mistakes. He emphasizes that the same law should be applied to all the citizens of this country.  Leader Hainan emphasizes that the new generation should take the lead. We have been saying for years that it is our mistake to think of changing the country by leading the same people. We are selling property and educating our children.

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