Reinsa in preparation of twins baby,  natural guff with Barsha

Natural Guff with Barsha has a special discussion about the natural things given by nature. In today’s program, the creatures that produce human offspring are also natural. Some people give birth to one child and some people give birth to two, three or even five children.  In today’s program, a special debate has been held with a woman who is raising two children.  A special debate has been held with Rensa Bhantawa Rai, a choreographer, director and now a judge, who has taken the steps of her struggle forward in the field of Nepali art.

Renisa, who is now preparing to give birth to twins, says she is very happy with what she has done.  “People have to start their new life by experiencing different kinds of pleasures and pains in their life, from which a new kind of passion comes into their life,” she said.  She said that when Rensa was about to have two children in her womb, she was loved by her family and relatives.  She said that she likes food even if someone doesn’t like it.

She said that even though she was pregnant, she came here only yesterday after shooting for Nitya Star.  He said that if he stayed at home empty-handed, he would not feel sleepy, playing with various things in his mind, laziness, feeling sick.  “People who have been working continuously for 10-12 years find it difficult to stay at home all of a sudden, so she is constantly going to work,” she said.

She said that in order to keep herself and her children safe while having a baby, she pays special attention to eating pins.  Now that she has given birth to her first child, she is preparing to release something else later, she said.  “Now that South Hollywood Bollywood movies are coming out so well, we have to make Nepali movies that are on par with them,” she said.  She said that everyone from their field should play an important role in uplifting the Nepali film industry.

“People are more likely to be successful if they take the right steps in life,” she said.  Rensa says she’s never been fatter in her life, and she’s been fatter when she’s pregnant.  “Everyone in life will always be successful if they love their field and always believe in work,” she said.  She said that in order to advance the field of Nepali cinema, it is necessary to make a film with a better story than a foreign film.  “People should never be sad and work with happiness,” she said.

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