Rejoicing in Srikali Chowr with Dipashree Saila, love inside a lost bag, love of a king

The contemporaries who are enjoying the world of Nepali song music, as the great festivals of Nepali people are approaching, one after the other kosili are being brought to the market. As one talent after another comes to the market to captivate the audience, a different kind of color is cast on the artist audience. The song “Ek Mor Ma Doi Doi Gol” has been shot in the voice acting of singer Prem Raja Periyar, who has managed to stay in the hearts of all the famous people of the old generation, and the performance of director artist Dipashree Niraula.

Prem Raja said that since a peacock’s two grains are very good, the corresponding song is also very sweet. He said that he is happy with Shakti, that he can still do something in song music, as the story asked. He said that he used to listen to the song before, but now that he is watching it, he has changed himself according to the time and tried to appear himself in the video. He said that the song that was produced in 40 years is now very popular.

Dipashree said that she was very happy when she saw the strength of her brother, she said that she would not be able to play the video of this song in 40 years. She has said that she is constantly trying to show the beauty of the artist as love unites with every evil thing in the society. He said that Dipashree used to support every person even when Prem Dai went to America, the actions he did were a very tolerant example in the society.

Dipashree has said that Surke Talli has reached the homes of over 30 million Nepalis and has given her a lot of love. He said that he was very happy because the various songs of Prem Raja Nepali had already become super hits. She said that even though Prem is outside the country, she keeps getting information about various activities in Nepal by talking to people on YouTube. Dilashree has said that she is continuously working on three projects and one of them will be brought to the audience soon. She said that Prem Raj is working hard to release a song in the month of November.

Actress Dipashree Niraula, who has made her own identity in the field of Nepali art, is a very popular actress in recent times. Her hard work in each of her careers has given her success, so that she has more energy to do one work after another. She has shown that people can succeed in the field they want in their life if they work diligently. Just like the name Prem Raja, love is spreading to other people as well.

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