Rekha outrage: How many times did you get in touch?

Famous actress Rekha Thapa has said that daughters under the age of 20 should be protected as they are girls. Thapa made the remarks on social media after a dispute between a minor singer and an actor reached the police.

“Daughters under the age of 20 have the right to be a girl, legally entitled to all kinds of protection and guardianship,” she said. “The role of society is to protect them.” She said it doesn’t matter. ‘Who has love? How often do you have sex? The law should not mean such morality, ”Thapa said.

Stating that there is a lot of pomp and circumstance in the society, she has mentioned that the practice of spreading mud against girls and people from all over the world is shamefully prevalent in Nepal. She has also commented on Nepali patriarchal society. “It’s a shame that the society is so full of pomp, moral standards and women are covered in mud,” she said.

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