Rekha Thapa and Richa Sharma message to the crowd trying to save Pal Shah

Actor Pal Shah has been arrested on charges of raping a minor singer. A case has been registered against Shah at Nawalparasi and Tanahu District Police Offices. Paul is currently in custody.

However, some artists and filmmakers have come to the rescue of Paul instead of helping the law. The status and comments of an artist and a celebrity can have a profound effect on their fans and well-wishers. Artists need to be restrained on the issue of narcissism.

But looking at their expressions, it seems that they are not sensitive to this issue.

In the Paul episode, actress Karishma Manandhar seemed worried about Paul. Not that she thought about the victim child. Commenting on Paul’s status during the episode, actress Karisma wrote, “Stay strong brother. God is with you and always be happy and happy. ‘

Even if you have legal contact with a person under the age of 18, it is a tax according to Nepali law. He appears to have had an affair with the girl on the basis of public audio about the moment. The rest of the police investigation will tell.

However, at this time, when the real life hero Paul is being accused, the people of the film industry have come under his protection. The movie ‘I Sing Such a Song’ starring Paul is currently being screened in the halls of Nepal. The director of the film Sudarshan Thapa is getting emotional remembering Paul. He has also used his sentimentality for the film business.

‘Dear Paul, the film you have worked so hard for is being screened in cinemas across the country today with great success. We hope that the dream of watching a movie between your cinema team and the audience will come true, ”wrote Sudarshan.

Sudarshan’s eyes see Paul as the hero of ‘Real Life’. Those who are not accused at this time have been slandered by someone. He further wrote, “The dream that you saw in the movie has been fulfilled by the viewers who love you.

Day by day the audience is doubling. Also, viewers are looking for you in theaters. Our team and the audience have a dream to sit with you and watch a movie. We are confident that everyone’s dream will come true soon. ‘

He also commented on Paul’s status and assured that “God is with you”.

Actress Pooja Sharma, on the other hand, sometimes writes statuses in favor of Paul and sometimes cries in front of the audience. She was relieved to remember Paul at the premiere of the film. When she makes Paul and her sketch public, she weaves a melody to draw the audience to the hall, saying, “Isn’t this love?”

What is the effect of speaking in favor of artist Pal Shah and doing such activities? They do not seem to have considered.

Rekha and Richa have different opinions

Apart from speaking in favor of Paul in the Paul episode, many actors have remained silent. However, actresses Rekha Thapa and Richa Sharma have spoken in favor of the PD girl.

Actress Rekha on Tuesday lamented on social media that the practice of slandering women has spread in Nepal in a shameful manner.

“Daughters under the age of 20 are girls. Girls are legally entitled to all kinds of protection and guardianship. The role of society is to protect them. Who cares How many times have you been contacted? The law should not mean such moralistic things, ‘she wrote. As for girls, the practice of covering up mud and moral standards that are not found anywhere else in the world is shamefully prevalent in Nepal.

Rekha’s outburst was aimed at Paul, who woke up in support of Paul. The mob that purged Paul and made the minor singer feel guilty in the society.

Actress Richa has stressed on the need to respect the law by protecting the victim girl child. “I believe in the juvenile’s faith,” he said. “My society cannot do that. “Protection of minors is respect for the law,” she wrote on social media.

Richa writes, raising the issue of the country’s criminal code, “You have to have no relationship with those under 18 years of age.” The state is responsible for the protection of minors as the law does not specify who, what and under what circumstances. The state is ours too, isn’t it? Having a legal system of taxation, even if it is not related to the consent of the under-18s, means that it is linked to the decision-making capacity. And since the society has the responsibility to protect the minor, such legal arrangements have been made. Understandably, even if a person has a relationship with a minor, it is a tax. The law does not allow him to be called. ‘

This statement of the two actresses has given a positive message to the crowd of those who make the victim even more victim by purifying the PD.

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