Remembering Princi-Prism in the middle of the night, Sagar burst into tears.

Sagar and Reshma and Shishir Bhandari played important roles in Yash Kumar’s Hijo Arkai Sang Deke. After the song “Your mind has changed” was watched by one crore, the team of singer Yash Kumar, Shishir Bhandari Resma Ghimire, Sagar Lamsal Bale and others celebrated by cutting a cake. Yash Kumar, who has always been enjoying the love of the audience, has been getting the love of the audience in one project after another.

In addition to giving a positive message to the society from the Nepali music and film industry, it is also giving a taste of a new way of changing people’s lives. In every talent of his, he is working to take the issues in the society in a positive direction. Singer Yash Kumar has given many hit songs in the sky of Nepali music, he is now giving his old songs a new flavor to reach the new generation audience.

Another example of this is the new version of his famous song ‘Hijo Arkai Sang Kehe’, Yeskumar has released a new version in his own words, music and voice. He said that after watching it, there will be a kind of change in the audience. He has shown how the things that have happened in people’s lives can be changed, and the role of the artist to change them. Resma, who has been in the hearts of the audience from the field of Nepali music videos, has performed this song.

Directed by Nikesh Khadka, the video stars Sagar Lamsal, Reshma Ghimire, Shishir Bhandari and others. The video of the song depicts the ups and downs in the life of a young woman who dreams of becoming a successful artist and a young man who is trying to get married and settle down. The video shot by Hari Humagai is edited by Vikas Dhamala. In the music video, most of the events that happened in people’s lives are shown.

The fact that Sagar Lamsal Bale was betrayed in love brought tears to his eyes, he said that he has decided his journey till now with the love and inspiration of the audience and in the days to come he will continue his steps according to the wishes of the audience. . Shishir, seen in the music video, has been listening to Yash Kumar’s songs since his school days and his talent has touched his heart.

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