Remembering Rajesh Hamal, Saroj Khanal got emotional, let’s talk about friendship, two generations in one place

Kalakar Saroj Khanal, who has been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time, has become emotional while remembering his old friends.  Although the development of technology has brought new technology, Khanal has said that he is saddened by the lack of communication.

The movie Lakha Jawan Ka, which has been in theaters all over Nepal since 23rd of Baisakh, has been specially debated by two actors regarding the current situation in the current society in Nepal and the previous movie.  An older generation, and nowadays, the most talked about artists in the audience, have had special debates about current and past films and friendships, which have shown two generations.  Veteran artist Saroj Khanal and young artist Salon Basnet have spoken in various news outlets in Artist Khabar.

Saroj Khanal used to say hello to everyone who went to the shooting, but now everyone who goes to the shooting says hello to him.  He said that his father used to call him “uncle” because he had a good friendship with his father.  He has said that he has given.  He said that the artists of the past and present have come up with their own kind of technology and culture and accordingly, they have made films suitable for the society.

Saroj said that when a person is very young, he will be inspired with different kinds of power everywhere from work to work and as he gets older, his interest in work and other fields will decrease.  Saloni said that she felt a golden opportunity because she had the opportunity to learn a lot by working with a senior artist.  He said that the earlier films were very good for that time, and the films made now are very good for the present time.  “Some of the things that Salon has made in the present are going to be old tomorrow, some people will like them, some people will dislike those movies, so the ones that are most liked nowadays are the ones that are good,” he said.

Saroj Khanal has said that since there are not many films to be made earlier, there is a lot of competition among the actors.  Are  He said that people should not only get the movie now, but also the viewers should choose the movie and watch it.  “The closer people get to technology, the better they get,” he said.  He said that in the past, even when people were sitting in a square and talking, there would be arguments of their own, which would send a lot of messages.

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