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The dispute between actor Pal Shah and the singer’s review officer, which had been simmering for a few months, has come to the surface again. After the audio record of the discussion between them 8 months ago and the review with a women’s rights activist came out after the audio record including the statement that Pal Shah had abused her and betrayed her, the issue has become hot on social media.

Meanwhile, Paul wrote a long status on Facebook on Tuesday saying that he was surprised to see and hear the audio records that were made public on Monday. Although the audio recordings sounded similar to his own, Paul said he had a strong suspicion that the sound was his own and sought to discredit himself by using technology.

He wrote, “I knew that some of my male colleagues (business competitors) who were trying to connect the dialogues recorded while acting in the film with our real life were constantly inciting the singer to speak against me, to create evidence.” He has mentioned that the review has been speaking.

Pal Shah told the reviewing officer that he had the audio and other evidence raised by his competitors and that he would provide the evidence if required by the authorities. He has appealed to his fans not to be distracted by the news that is attached to him as it is far from reality.

In the audio recording of the face-to-face conversation between Paul and Samiksha, Samiksha has stated that she is not happy if Paul gets married. Similarly, in a statement with a women’s rights activist, the reviewer said that Paul had betrayed her by promising her marriage. These two audio records are currently circulating on social media.

Shah has worked on more than a thousand music videos in the last two years. Paul, who has worked in music videos, is also active in social services. He was highly praised for distributing food, clothing and gas cylinders to those affected by the Corona epidemic.

Paul, who reigns supreme in music videos, is occasionally involved in gossip. Speaking at a program in Kathmandu, Paul said, “Sometimes I have to work here all day long. Why am I so sad? I also wonder why I am actively involved in various activities. I don’t speak hastily about anything. I keep things in mind and try to resolve them within myself. ‘

However, Paul said that he was surprised to see the gang attacking him. “I don’t know why a gang is actively trying to discredit me,” he said. But once you hear something, it becomes clear if you ask the person concerned. ‘

Wherever he goes, the question of his relationship with the singer’s reviewing officer is raised. Therefore, reaching out to the media for the purpose of increasing the craze, it is difficult for him to save the lost craze.
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