Reporter’s question to Pradeep

While the movie “Prakash” starring famous actor Pradeep Khadka and Diya Maske is in the lead, the production team has been busy in the promotion. Pradeep is currently promoting the movie Prakash and since Prem Geet will be released after that, he said that this movie will also be promoted. He said that he played an equal role in raising both the films. He said that the project that Diya has created is not small and everything is equal.

She said that since she is in this place, she will always respect your love. Being an artist who has reached the peak of discussion through Nepali movies and music videos, he has a separate discussion in the Nepali market. Pradeep, who got a separate discussion through Nepali song music, started getting success with one project after another, his fans were increasing day by day. Pradeep’s perseverance towards his work and the habit of working hard, brought him success.

Pradeep Khadka is among the artists who are in the news recently. Forgetting to remember the movie that was in theaters only a while ago, actress Pooja Sarma, while hooting Akash’s name in the hall, was angry about who the movie was. There was a rumor in the market that the movie will go on even if many people cry when they started crying in the movie hall. But Pradeep Khadka says that the movie will not cry, after the story, script and shooting everything goes well, after bringing the movie to the market as per Darsash’s wish, the movie will run without crying.

The fans of hero Akash Shrestha have also done it because they are discussing in the same way in the hall. Every Friday two or three movies are released in Nepal and it seems that Nepali movies have to face South Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The movie Prakash is going to be released on August 10, in which Prakash Shrestha is playing the lead role. It is said that Yash will appear in the movie Prakash as a different character from his previous movie Prem Geet. At the time of making the trailer of the movie “Prakash” public, the hero Pradeep Khadka made some of his statements.

She said that she does not need any kind of funds to run the movie. After all, he said that the story and acting should be good for movies and people to move. On the day of making the trailer of the movie public, the actor Pradeep Khadka, actress Diya Maske, Renu Yogi, director Dinesh Raut, producer Mahendra Adhikari were present. He said that since the relationship with Manish will last throughout his life, any person in the society should have a good relationship with anyone.

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