Resilience to Hunger | Kritika Gupta | UniversityofMississippi

The world has been trying to address hunger for several decades – but are we addressing it in the right way? In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, did it bring hunger and food insecurity with it, or did the pandemic just re-emphasize an already existing problem? In this talk, Kritika Gupta highlights the lesser addressed aspects of food insecurity and proposes that the Right to Food needs to be binding by law.

Originally from Punjab (India), Gupta’s broad areas of research address nutrition policy, food insecurity, and child nutrition. Growing up in Punjab, also known as the breadbasket of India, majorly shaped her research interests. Food, she says, is the basic need of any living being, and needs to be the first and the foremost priority for any nation to ensure healthier generations. Kritika was a recipient of the 2018 AcSIR-Kalam Fellowship.

Kritika Gupta, is a Ph.D student in Nutrition at the University of Mississippi. Gupta is passionate about child nutrition, school wellness policies, science communication, and mental health. Her research project aims to understand the resilience capacity of school food environments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her talk will emphasize that the pandemic has only β€œre-emphasized an already existing, horrific need for building hunger-resilient communities.”

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