Richa suggested Pooja to speak and Anmol to improve his acting

Richa Sarma, who has been struggling in the field of Nepali art for a long time, has been continuously struggling to put her future on a bright path.  Talking to the presenter Madan Rizal on MNM Nepal, Richa said that she likes Prakash Subedhi more than the famous media personality Rishi Dhamala.

She said that Kiki Adhikari and Rima Vishwakarma were equally important to her.  Richa suggested that Pooja Sarma speaks what she likes, so if she improves her speech, she will be better and Anmol should take more acting classes to improve her acting.  Richa Sarma, the leading actress in the movie “Hijo Aaj Ka Kura” reached the final 10 of Miss Nepal 2007.
Richa, who got married while struggling in the field of artistry, has joined the film industry in a short time despite becoming a mother of one child.  She has said that she got different experiences when she was struggling in the Nepali film industry or in different fields.  Richa has said that there is a lot of difference between life before becoming a mother and life after becoming a mother.
She said that she did not think that she would have fought in this life 5 years ago. She said that since the husband and son do not think that the daughter-in-law will harm anyone at home, she has always supported her in the work that she wants to do.  Actress Richa Sharma has advised actress Kiki Adhikari to give birth to a child only after a lot of thought.  Although children are necessary in human life, he said that it would be better to have a child after he is considered fully qualified to bear a child.

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