Richa was stunned when she went to watch a movie with her husband for the first time

At the premiere of Hijo Aaj Ka Kura, Richa is stunned when she arrives with her husband to watch a movie.  At the time when the production team was preparing for the promotion of the movie, after watching the premiere, Richa’s husband said that he has the right to do what he wants because he does not have the feeling that he should give up his wishes after getting married after the movie turned out well.

When Santos said that the work done by his son was very good, the beggar laughed.  Richa’s mother-in-law has said that since she is not a daughter-in-law but a daughter, there is no restriction for her to work. Since the husband and son do not think that the daughter-in-law will harm anyone, she has always supported her in the work she wants to do.
Actress Richa Sharma has advised actress Kiki Adhikari to give birth to a child only after a lot of thought.  Although children are necessary for human life, he said that it would be better to have a child after he is considered fully qualified to bear a child.  Richa suggested giving birth to a child only after thinking a lot and getting ready for everything.

There is no shortage in our friendship’ Richa said to Keki – ‘The thing called a child is to give birth after thinking about it, thinking about it and preparing it in all aspects including mental and physical.  Richa also praised Keki’s performance at the premiere of ‘Hijo Aajka Kura’ held on Wednesday.  I am seeing Keki’s progress day by day.  I want to see this progress further,” she added.  Richa, who was also an actor in the film ‘Hijo Togya Kura’, said that the film was also good.

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