Rima and Richa’s strong reaction about Sandeep: They got angry saying why they were blacklisted

Rima and Richa’s strong reaction about Sandeep: They got angry saying why they were blacklisted because they were accused.Santos Sen, Rima Biswakarma, Richa Bhandari and program host Vishal Bhandari who reached the comedy club for the promotion of “Hijoaaz Ka Kura” talked about the promotion of the movie and current affairs including Sandeep Lamichhane who is in the news now. While Rima said that she was very happy to laugh in the comedy club with the people she worked with, Bisal said that it was difficult for her to sit with the program director, who is a famous artist in her own right.

Richa Sarma and Rima Vishwakarma are angry as to why they put a person in the black list because they have been accused. He said that even though any person should be punished for wrongdoing, putting him in the blacklist on the grounds that he has been accused is a bad thing for the nation. She has said that the players who are making the name of Nepal bright and popular in the country and abroad are the pride and dignity of the state.

Rima Biswakarma, who has shown her great talent in many fields including movies, music videos, announcers, has given her thoughts on the rape case of Sandeep Lamichhane, the captain of the Nepali national team, who is currently in much discussion. Sandeep Lamichhane, a long-time and always popular player, was able to create a distinct identity in the country and abroad through the game of cricket. After a minor filed a case against Sandeep, who is now abroad to play cricket, saying that he had raped her, Rima said that the society should think about it when one after another shameful incidents come out.

Rima Biswakarma has said that it is wrong to blacklist a player who is popular in the national and international arena, as it will be known after the investigation whether Sandeep Lamichhane is guilty or innocent. If it is wrong, the law should punish, but it is not good to prove wrong beforehand, she said. After the Nepali cricket team captain Sandeep Lamichhane complained to the police that he had raped a girl, he denied that he was innocent.

Nepal Police’s investigation has found the footage of the girl and Sandeep entering the Hotel Inn in Kathmandu, but they have not found the footage of Nagar Kot in Bhaktapur. The ssp of Kathmandu metropolis has said that he is looking for evidence against Sandeep, he will be prosecuted as soon as he is found. After the Kathmandu District Court issued a warrant against Sandeep Lamichhane, he has informed that he is going to leave CPL and come to Nepal. He has posted on social media that he is ready to deal with the allegations.

Some people online are saying that Sandeep’s behavior is bad, others are also his victims, some others have said that they can file a complaint against him. Now, some girls have written on social media that they were saved because they did not go when Sandeep called them. If the player has committed a crime, then Can will help the law that does not cover the door. Shiv Pariyar’s expression has become the most divisive among the things raised in the social network. Shiv Pariyar had expressed his anger and said that Nepal should be stopped as a country of rapists in the world.

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