Rimal’s mother in the media, a magical voice

According to the mother, after her husband left her, she left her daughter in the village and taught her up to 12 years of age. Happiness in the village, her life will be happy in the future, she said. Preeti and her mother have said that whatever happens in the past, she still lacks you, because life is still going well with her family, and it is still good to come and live with the family. Although the mother did not know how to sing, she said that her daughter was very good at singing.

Preeti Rimal, who was born in Bhachuwa village in Ward No. 6 of Tarkeswar Govt. People also get unexpected pain in life, which is also a habit of struggle in human life. She says that the Rimal family, which used to reconcile with her mother, was swept away by the earthquake. She said that she used to tie goats in the house after the house collapsed. The big place of Nuwakot, where the motor road is now, is very difficult to travel. It seems that people have to face difficulties to make a living now.

Growing up in a family of 5 with 3 brothers, mother and herself, Preeti Surilo has a sweet voice and is rich. Although Baba took leave from his mother 10-11 years ago, he has been working in a cooperative and studying in Kathmandu, she said. She said that even though she has enough land at home for two or three months, she has been living in harmony for other times. Rimal, who has been working since she was in school, says that she has been teaching for two years. “Father Huda’s life and Nahuda’s life are very different,” she said. She said that she loves her mother very much and that she sometimes suffers from the problem of her mother getting sick at home.

She said that it was a great thing for her to be taught by her uncle because she was already suffering from hunger. After the father left with the mother, the mother and daughter were singing songs to alleviate their grief while the fair was going on to save their lives. Even though her father left her in life, her mother brought her up by struggling with various things. Even though her father doesn’t know anything about it, she is struggling with today’s misery and struggling to make her life better. Even though there is not much work to be done in the village house, it is very difficult to run one’s diary even with a little work.

She says that the journey of her life has become a little easier as she has become the greatest strength and support of mother in her life. Even though man has amazing abilities, without finding the right kind of place to live, he spends his life suffering with the mountains, rivers and streams of Nepal. Due to which there is a feeling of newness in his life. People who are forced to keep their talents in the village house, when they fall into the hands of a good person, they get an opportunity to show their talents to the audience. Man moves forward in life by facing different kinds of forces.

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