Ringroad Greenery Latest update.

Despite the work of greening the first ring road of Nepal, there is a lot of speed in promoting it in recent times. It seems that they are working continuously to make the road clean and beautiful by planting road dividers and plants as needed. It seems that the work done in Koteshwar Kalanki is very positive, they are working to improve the road and make it easy for the passengers and pedestrians, which seems to be working to make the common people comfortable.

The first ring road of Nepal passing through Lalitpur district from Kathmandu is about 27 kilometers long, its construction started in 1974 and it was completed in 1977. The work of the second phase started in 2013 and ended in 2018. Although the Chinese government will help Nepal for the second phase of the work, the work could not be carried forward due to various reasons. Although the work of the ring road is slowly being improved, it seems that various development works have to be done to improve this road completely.

It seems that the entire ring road in Kathmandu should be constructed to meet international standards to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The ring road improvement work of Kathmandu, which is being built with the assistance of China, has progressed. The Chinese government did the work of 8 km bicycle lane that was improved by China. Nepal took a lot of time to move the sewers, drinking water pipes, electricity poles, which was about to be completed much later than the scheduled time. While speeding up the work of road construction across the country, the road improvement work of the Ring Road in the capital of the country, Kathmandu, is progressing rapidly.

The structure of the road has been improved more than the previous road, 10 sky bridges will also be built on the road made to be easy for pedestrians. It has been informed that a road with a divider will be built for safety, and this road will be 62 meters wide. While the country’s development budget is currently being invested in the basic needs of people, roads are going to be constructed in a systematic way with huge investment. It is said that the road to Gwarko Satdobato, Ekantakuna will be completely prepared in two parts. As the population started to increase, it is found that the flyover road is in the process of being built for the ease of vehicles and people.

He said that by raising the Charlane between Guarkoma, by making a flyover in the lower section, it will come to the normal lane. Saurabh said that it will be given to the same company that will build the road within two years and rebuild it in the next five years. He said that since the letter for the agreement has been cut, the work will start soon. He said that as much space as is available now, it will be built in a new way, in such a way that vehicles do not have to stop due to traffic jams. He said that because there are many vehicles on the road, sometimes the patients have to sit on the road for hours, so the problem is becoming a flyover to get out.

He said that the work will be carried forward by looking at all the religious and economic sectors of Nepal by increasing the four lines, making it easier for passengers, and using new systems. DC said that after initially facing some traffic problems, consumers can benefit in many ways. He said that even though there are beautiful development works, there are also complaints from the locals, so the work has been carried forward by cooperating with everyone. Since there are road problems in various places in the valley, they are gradually changing the roads in various places of Kathmandu, making it easy for the people, and making complete preparations, he said. He said that the flyover, which is being built for the first time in Nepal, will be interesting for the first time.

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