Risaani Maaf Season 2 ,EPI 18

Risani maaf is a Nepalis comedian TV series presented in Kantipur TV HD as well as in its official YouTube Channel. Its production team is D and D entertainment and its direction is given by Rajkumar Devkota. The editor of the series is Rabindra Khadka (Silver Shine Entertainment).

The script writer of the series Risani Maaf is Rajkumar Devkota and the camera is handled by Rajkumar Devkota and Hritik Singh Thakuri. The music of this series is composed by Rabi Shrestha. He is not only the composer of the music but he is also the singer of it. The makeup artist is Shova Bhandari and the management is looked by Manohar Bhandari. The artist of the series includes: Ramchandra Adhikari, Laxman Chaulagai, Manohar Bhandari, Aasha Khadka, Rajkumar Devkota, Begam Nepali, Binod Rai, Yadab Devkota, Netra Raut, Madhav Pandit, Shobha Bhandari, Melina Thakuri, Gita Nepal, Santosh Neupane, Biku Thokar, Begam Pun Magar, Shivahari Nepal, Anita Giri, Nabina Silwal and so on. Its opening theme is “Risani Maaf” and its ending theme is “Risani Maaf”. Till date, 121 episodes of Risani Maaf has come out.

This program is brought to us by Nepal Finance Limited, Lumbini Bikash Bank Limited, Hero, Prabhu Bank and Himal Steel. Here, the Ramchandra Adhikari played a role of Narsinghe, Asha Khadka played the role of dual characters which include- ujeli and sukumaya. Begam Nepali played the role of Bhirkhe. Similarly, Rajkumar Devkota played the role of Hirakaji. Binod Rai is seen in a role of fokatlal, Yadav Devkota as a Sharape, Laxman Chaulagain as a Khinte, Madhav Pandit as a Gopinath Baje and so on. This series is mixed of comedy carrying a lot of entertainment, which emerges the laughter from the peoples. Risaani Maaf is a new Nepali Superhit Comedy Series presented in Kantipur TV HD. The series is based on Nepali village context. This series shows the condition of Nepali Society in a very dramatic comedy style.

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