Risani Maaf – SEASON 2 – Ep: 17 – 26 March 2021

Risani Maaf is a Nepali superhit comedy show in AP1 HD ,Rajatput online tv. This series show the Condition of Nepali society. In this series Both sister are take about mobile gift , one sister want to keep her gift(mobile) for herself where another sister said that who give this mobile give it back to that person , you are very inncoent so that any man can easily capture in their language so that give this mobile back to whom you should ” said elder sister. But another sister is quite knowledgeable so she did not want to return this expensive mobile back instead she want to keep this mobile by herself and she said that every celebrity get different gifts from different people so that all of them get their baby in their belly, this is 21st century so that she want to free just like a bird , but elder sister keep describing about her future in their daily life.

Rishina maaf is directed by prakesh subedi and this is eposide 17 ,26 march 2021. Executive Producer : Paru Subedi and Producer : Rajkumar Devkota where as Editor : Rabindra Khadka (Silver Shine Entertainment) . Script Writer is Shivam Adhikari he is best writer and Camera man is Hritik Singh Thakuri/Dilip Bista Makeup who make best make up : Shova Shrestha Title Music/Singer: Rabi Shrestha Management : Sujan Shrestha .Online Supporter : Bishal Rai (Mfu vae rae) rishina maaf Artists are listed below who show best performance in this eposide they are : Laya Sangraula, Uttam KC, Goma KC, Rachana Gautam, Bebo Acharya, Jagdish Adhikari, Laxman Chaulagai, Ramesh Buda Magar, Rukmila Adhikari, Rohit Karki, Tekendra Neupane, Sujan Shrestha, Sashi Bikram Thapa, Navaraj Gautam. this show show that we should not trust every person in their life and we should make sure that each every preson just like our family member are the best who wish best for our further life or better future.

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