Roadmap of the mind:Buddhist philosophy

No matter how a person’s destiny is drawn, it needs those who guide the way, and who start a new life for a person.  If a person does not see a positive way in life, his life will be ruined, the first way a person is ruined is through his weakness.  If the weakness of a person is used as a weapon by a second person, he will be ruined, so a person has to hide his weakness in a special way and move forward.

If he is sad, he remembers that his life is like this because of the sins or deeds of his previous birth.  Dr. Bikashanand said that if a person is never happy with his current life, he should change his daily life and choose a different path.  Due to people’s habit of seeing the truth about themselves and seeing the actions of others as wrong, differences are created between them, which leads to big fights because people can’t see their mistakes.
People have said that in order to see their previous birth, they have to look at their present life.  People are doing what they did yesterday and they are doing the same thing in today’s time.  Dr. Bikasanand says that because people have different thoughts and feelings, they always see themselves as good and the habit of not understanding others’ feelings creates conflict.
People don’t need to think to do a good job, even if the job is bad, there is a chance to learn something, but if the bad job is successful, it hurts a lot.  Buddha lived in seven different peepal trees without cleaning for seven weeks, unless a person leaves everything and takes initiative for knowledge, then he will not learn good education.  Most people are sad without doing anything, but some people are sad even after doing a lot, so people should spend their time in the right place.

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