Roast & Rap battle | UKG VS Lekhmani Trital ft. Sita Neupane

The Nep-Gasm channel is a popular internet channel. This channel began by performing Nepal’s first stand-up comedy show. This channel is well-known among young people.


This channel has recently launched a new YouTube series called “ROAST & RAP BATTLE,” in which numerous Nepali kids demonstrate their ability.

Rap battling (also known as battle rap) is a kind of rapping that involves boasting, insults, and boastful material. Rap battles are occasionally read or freestyled on the spot during a match, “when MCs compete on the same platform to evaluate who has the greatest verses.”

Also, when someone roasts you, they criticize you harshly about something in a way that reveals how irritated they are with you. The manager gave the team a good scolding. Reprimand, chastisement, and bawling-out are all synonyms for reprimand.

In a recent episode, we witness Sita Neupane, who is well-known and well-liked on social media, mostly on Tiktok, as a host. Similarly, Lekhmadi Trital, a well-known Nepalese comedian, and UKG, another comic, compete against one other, roasting and battling each other.

UKG began his fight by blaming the government. He also expresses his dissatisfaction with the Nepalese government’s lack of rapping freedom. He told the story of VTEN (a well-known Nepalese rapper) who was imprisoned for rapping.

Lekhmadi starts by criticizing his personal cleanliness. The audience was enthralled by the duel.

Finally, they both give it their all, and the audience enjoyed the spectacle. Their fighting style was distinct.

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